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posted Mar 18, 2020, 8:54 AM by Tammy Morgan   [ updated Mar 18, 2020, 11:17 AM by Debbi Biondo ]

Information for parents

  1. Daily updated information about the coronavirus

CDC information about coronavirus updated daily

  1. How to help children during this stressful time, this site gives coping skills for parents both in English and Spanish

Coping with the Covid-19 from National ChildTraumatic Stress Network

Coping with Covid-19 (in Spanish)

  1. What to say to our children about Covid-19 by National Association of School Psychologist in English and Spanish

Talking to children about covid 19 

  1. PBS kids (Public Broadcasting Service) for parents offers talking points about the coronavirus with videos and activities 

How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus 

  1. Hand washing How to and why by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Hand washing pdf by CDC

Hand washing video by CDC

How to use hand sanitizer video by CDC

The science behind hand washing by CDC - in English

The science behind hand washing by CDC in Spanish

The science behind hand sanitizers by CDC - in English

The science behind hand sanitizers by CDC in Spanish

And just for fun, when the ABC or the happy birthday songs are too boring

parody songs for 20 second hand washing video

  1. What to do if you are sick? A great site by the CDC


  1. “Social distancing” is a term used to describe infection control actions taken by public health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease.

Social distancing - poster like presentation what social distancing means

What is Social distancing an article by Venngage.com

Information for students

  1. Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus from NPR (National Public Radio) 

What kids may want to know about the coronavirus

  1. Brainpop.com is a group of educational websites with over 1,000 short animated movies for students in grades K-12 (ages 6 to 17) this short video is about the coronavirus

BrainPop about coronavirus video 

  1. Hand washing - how to and why

20 second video about hand washing 

30 second video about hand washing  in Spanish with English subtitles

  1. How to sneeze or cough video in English and Spanish

How to sneeze in Spanish video Elmo

Sneeze the right way - by Elmo in English

  1. “How the body works” by KidsHealth in English and Spanish with small activities 

How the body works 

  1. A fun video on toothbrushing, flossing and the why of both. The video is an adventure of the tooth defenders saving the city from the plaque monsters. 

Meet the Colgate Bright smiles Bright futures Tooth Defenders   https://youtu.be/mxvDny_OwE0

  1. BrainPop-Teeth- short video on teeth anatomy and kinds of teeth.