Principal's Office

Tammy Morgan

Welcome to a New Year at Plum Cove! As we embark on the 2019-2020 school year, the staff and I are excited to begin a new year of school.  The staff and I are looking forward to seeing new and returning students. Plum Cove is fortunate to have such a dedicated, hardworking staff (secretary, teachers, support staff, cafeteria works, noon supervisors, and custodians) that go above and beyond to support our community.  In addition we have a very active and supportive parent community who supports our teachers and students with opportunities to enhance student learning. We have high expectations for our school and by working together we can meet and exceed those expectations and make this a fantastic school year for our students!

Plum Cove houses 208 students in grades kindergarten through grade 5 from the most northerly part of the city, along the eastern shore of the Ipswich Bay and the Annisquam River.   There are two classroom at each grade level.  Teachers in grades 1-5 platoon or departmentalize the ELA and Math curriculum. The teachers will be able to specialize and focus on one content area, which allows them to "dig" deeper into the curriculum.  For example,  one teacher will teacher reading, writing, and social studies, while the other teacher will teach math, science, and our social/emotional curriculum (Second Steps/PBIS). Also, students have the benefit of two highly qualified teachers getting to know them as learners. 

Our curriculum is challenging, yet appropriate for each student's ability. We believe that all students can achieve excellence through effective teaching that is driven by clarity of purpose, student engagement, and results. Plum Cove has a sharp focus on mathematics and literacy, differentiated instruction, and data-driven instructional decision-making.

Our math curriculum,  Math in Focus, instills the Singapore Math approach to help students discover meaning in math, which leads to positive attitudes about math and increased confidence as students grow in the subject area.  Math in Focus assist students to:

  • Use a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression
  • Have a strong number sense and place value understanding
  • Anchor learning in real-world, hands-on experiences
  • Establish foundational independent problem solving skills
  • Ensure mastery of more complex math concepts
  • Develop the ability to monitor their own thinking.

Our comprehensive literacy instruction respects and addresses the needs of all learners, views teachers as informed decision-makers, is flexible and is research-based. We use data to look at the whole school, the individual grade levels, the individual classrooms, straight down to the individual students. Our literacy instruction starts with a whole group overview and then moves into small group instruction to provide practice with the concept.  We are fortunate to have a school-based certified reading specialist to assist classroom teachers with literacy instruction using our core program, Reading Street, and targeted instruction with the appropriate materials to improve our students' reading and writing abilities. 

Our science program includes a hands-on, activity-based program that enables teachers to blend science into literacy, math and other curricular areas. In each grade, our program incorporates spiraling lessons in life, physical, technology and earth science. Excitement for learning, observation, and discovery are fostered through this approach. New this year will be implementing FOSS Science in our upper grades. Plum Cove partners with both the Backyard Growers and the Maritime Museum to enhance our science curriculum. 

In addition to these core subjects, students will also receive Physical Education instruction 60 minutes per week (2-30 minute sessions); Music instruction 60 minutes per week (2-30 minute sessions) and Art instruction 45 minutes per week with additional art initiatives integrated throughout the curriculum.

All of us here at the Plum Cove Community believe that our students have the capability and character to learn and grow into wonderful young adults. We are happy to be working with you to cultivate a learning experience for the children that challenge them to be thoughtful, inquisitive, and ambitious students. 

A special thank you to the Gloucester Education Foundation in their support of our efforts to be the best we can be.